CWT Bureau is recognized for its unique and broad range of certifications and accreditations. CWT Bureau is not your ordinary testing agency. We are a national accreditation authority as well as a national certifying body. CWT Bureau was developed through the need of welders, fabricators contractors and manufacturers engaged in welding. The need was for one organization that could fulfill all of their certification requirements. CWT Bureau met that challenge and has evolved into the National Certification and Testing Bureau. CWT helps its members to retain a leading edge in an era of fierce global competition. Certification enhances the image of a company as professional and responsible, concerned with the safety and reliability of its services and products. At a time when pressures of the marketplace and concerns for public safety and fabricator efficiency and credibility are peaking, certification is a key factor in today's welding industry, without certification you can not compete for those big jobs and your liability is vulnerable

CWT Bureau maintains national standards for the certification of welders, fabricating companies, manufacturers and inspection and testing firms. Certification is necessary in order to either comply with mandatory or national, provincial and municipal codes and regulations, or with a contractual requirement stipulated by customers. Certification is voluntary, but without it, a company or individual welder is excluded from the sizable segment of the market which demands certification. Certified companies and welders must comply with all of the requirements of certification. Failure to do so will result in decertification. CWT national standards are administered by the national board of directors and are governed by the bureau national board of inspectors who are commissioners in each state. CWT Bureau is a private sector organization that was formed at the request of industry. CWT BUREAU is not a department or agent of any level of government. State and federal governments expect CWT Bureau to administer the certifications that they do not provide to meet their requirements. CWT Bureau incorporates state and federal requirements as part of bureau national standards.

  1. Outlining of CWT national welder certification standards of testing
  2. Explains to respected individuals and engineers the integrity and credibility of welder certification through the bureau and its members
  3. Certifies compliance to the applicable code being certified to
  4. Offers bureau members the credentials of national welding code certifications and standards
  5. CWT Bureau maintains the certified welder data base
  6. CWT Bureau maintains and produces certification records / certificates, wallet certification cards, including the WPS and PQR
  7. Displays to industry your commitment to strict compliance to code specifications, and your commitment to quality welding standards and the public's safety
  8. CWT Answers any questions concerning certifications through CWT Bureau and its members
  9. Assures the contractor, manufacturer, or any perspective employer that the welder certified to CWT Bureau standards was conducted to the highest standards of testing
  10. CWT Bureau standards for certification and testing complies to the code being tested to, and exceeds the expectations of the engineers compliance
  11. CWT Bureau allows for the transfer of welder certifications from one company bureau member to another
  12. Technical support assistance is free to all bureau members