Certified Welding Technologies Bureau Inc (CWT Bureau) National Certification Accreditation Authority.

Corporate Certification Key Infrastructure CCKI

Regardless of which Level Of CCKI Certification either (Platinum, Gold, or Silver) All three CCKI Levels provide at a minimum the full force of CWT Bureau Membership and all of it's resources, which in turn covers every aspect of welding certification and related issues that you may be confronted with either now or in the future.

CWT Bureau has built a full-fledged Corporate Certification Key Infrastructure CCKI Immediately deployable, low-cost managed CCKI for obtaining Certificates of Certification directly from the Source. With the "Authoritative Signature" that assures your Certificates are accepted Nationwide...

CCKI attracts increasing interest from a larger number of large and medium-sized companies and organizations, CCKI solutions provide a multitude of benefits for business. there are undoubtedly important strategic and financial advantages as well. As an expert in CCKI solutions since 1994 CWT Bureau presents CCKI Corporate Certification Key Infrastructure, the premiere Certification solution in the market.

CWT Bureau provides the Certification Infrastructure, and support. CWT Bureau spares the member company of a huge investment in CCKI software and technical data and the integration services required to implement a Certification solution. CWT Bureau maintains the back-end system. CCKI is the standardized solution for a business to business certification environment.

CCKI delivers the capabilities of a fully-fledged Accredited Certification Registration Authority directly to the member company, As a CWT Bureau CCKI Company Member you benefit from National Standards as followed by all CWT Bureau Members. Moreover, Certificates issued by CWT Bureau to the CCKI Company Member carry a higher level of trust.

Benefits of CWT Bureau CCKI: