Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Qualification the same as Certification?

Answer: No, Qualification is a limitation, modification a special skill that fits a person for some work or position to demonstrate the necessary ability (as in a preliminary exam for Certification) Certification is a Certified statement accompanied with a Certificate of Certification a document testifying to the truth of a fact, a document testifying that one has fulfilled certain legal requirements, to verify and confirm, to endorse officially to guarantee as good by a statement to that effect stamped on it's face, attest, witness, accredit, approve, sanction. Thus a person may be Qualified but not Certified to perform welding when required. This is why Certification is preeminent over Qualification.

Question: Are their any benefits in becoming a Bureau member?

Answer: Yes, there are many services associated with Bureau membership. CWT Bureau is a technical organization in your repertoire, technical support assistance, such as Welding Procedure Specification Preparation, Procedure Qualification Record Preparation, Welder verification continuity records, Welding symbol interpretations, codes and standards, specification requirements, Bureau expert assistance is always available to answer your technical questions. As a Bureau Certified Member, your auditors and customers will see your outstanding commitment to quality in your welding operations, Bureau Membership is what sets you apart from the rest

Question: What is a Certified Company?

Answer: A Bureau Certified company is a Member Company that has made a commitment to quality welding standards and the publics safety, and who employs Bureau Certified Welders

Question: How can our company or myself individually obtain certification for welding or inspector?

Answer: You can email the certification dept JWEST@WELDINGCERTIFICATION.COM or call us Toll Free @ 866-685-1118 

Question: Our company is not located near one of your testing and training sites, Is there another way we can get our Welders or inspectors certified?

Answer: Yes, we can send a Inspector to your facility to administer testing and instructions or we can make specific arrangements to meet your certification needs

Question: What are the chances for our Welders passing the certification test the first time? Our Welders have years of welding experience but they have never been certified before?

Answer: very good, Welders who are experienced can normally pass the tests required, once the Welders are confronted with the test pieces they quickly realize that the test is no more than what they have been doing for years or months, to a proficient Welder the test is just another weld to be applied, to them a good weld is still a good weld rather if it is a test piece or another production weld

Question: What type of certifications does CWT Bureau offer?

Answer: If it can be welded, then we have a certification that will apply, we have unlimited abilities in certifications, there are many types of certifications that we have available, you can find them listed on the about us CWT About Us page

Question: Who recognizes and accepts CWT Bureau Certifications?

Answer: Industry, state and federal governments, the certifications that we issue are nationally recognized codes that have been in existence and employed throughout the U.S. long before CWT Bureau was established, these codes are the only codes that are recognized today such as ASME, AWS, MIL-STD, NAVSEA, EUROPEAN, ISO, ASNT SNT-TC-1A, NFPA, AISC, ASTM and others

Question: How can I be assured that I will receive the right certification?

Answer: CWT Bureau Certifications are designed to be transferable between codes, a certification that best suits your abilities and to the types of welding that you are qualified in, CWT Bureau's National Director / Certification Chairman Special Inspector Level-III AWS CWI QC-1 Certified Inspector, who is also a Certified Welder in all process's pipe and structural, reviews your qualifications prior to testing so that you receive the maximum certification for which you are qualified for, once the right certification for you and your welding applications has been determined it is then processed for administration

Question: What is accreditation?

Answer: Accreditation is a licensed certification that CWT Bureau issues to testing facilities that should be accredited, In many States testing facility accreditation certification is mandatory, accreditation provides to the consumer a distinguishing identification between testing facilities that have attained a higher level of competence, in turn helping to protect the publics safety by enabling anyone to identify reliable competent people and testing facilities more easily with confidence. Undoubtedly accreditation enhances the credibility, public safety and awareness of a testing facility's QA/QC certification and testing procedures. Today through the TV and news media the public has come to realize that testing facilities and laboratories are capable of sloppy and unprofessional testing practices, and that they do make incompetent costly mistakes, which in turn ends up costing the consumer and the publics safety much more than it should have, when a testing facility's practices are questionable or inadequate how would you be able to tell ? If you are not a expert in this field then you would not be capable of refuting the facility's performance nor their results. This is why accreditation certification of testing facilities is so important, Only facilities that can demonstrate through the accreditation process the highest level of achievement can attain the accreditation certificate, thus bestowing on the consumer a higher level of comfort and confidence when they are choosing a facility to perform testing and inspection or certification

Question: What is a CWI-CWE?

Answer: CWI is the term word used to describe a certified welding inspector who has been certified by the AWS QC-1 or Certified by CWT Bureau AWS QC-2, CWE is the term word used to describe a certified welding educator who has been certified by the AWS QC-5

Question: What is a AI-BM certified inspector?

Answer; AI-BM (Authorized Inspector Bureau Member) is the designation for a Bureau certified inspector who has been certified to the requirements of AWS QC-2 , CWT Bureau ASNT SNT-TC-1A national standards

Question: Are there any written tests required for a Welder to be certified?

Answer: No, a Welder is only required to pass the actual welding performance tests

Question: If I fail the welding or inspector test do I have to pay the entire certification fee again?

Answer: No, but you will be required to pay a retest fee after you have received remedial instructions from us on why you failed

Question: Can I transfer my certification to another code such as bridge welding or structural or other etc?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can I transfer my certification to another employer?

Answer: Yes, if you are a Bureau member and the company requesting transference becomes a Bureau member

Question: Does a company have to be a Bureau member in order to accept my certification as valid?

Answer: No

Question: Once I have taken the required test, how long does it take for me to receive my certificate and wallet card?

Answer: 24-48 hours depending upon your location

Question: Is CWT Bureau licensed by a state or federal government?

Answer: Yes, U.S. Corporation, CWT BUREAU is Certified as a National Accreditation Certification Authority

Question: Who are Bureau U.S.A. Commissioners?

Answer: Bureau commissioners are AI-BM inspectors who have been appointed to the Bureau national board of inspectors and who operate Bureau accredited testing facilities in separate states

Question: Can I appeal a decision on my failure to meet certification status?

Answer: yes, you can appeal to the national board of inspectors in writing

Question: What is the fee or actual cost for certification from CWT Bureau?

Answer: The cost for certification depends upon your actual certification, and there are many to choose from

Question: How long has CWT Bureau been in the certification business?

Answer: SINCE - 1994

Question: What is the company address of CWT Bureau Inc?

Answer: Our mailing / billing office address is 1042 EAST WATER ST. BOX-67 BORDEN IN 47106

We hope that this page will serve to answer your questions concerning certifications and the functions of CWT Bureau, please review all the pages of our website, you should be able to find the answer to your questions from these pages, you are welcome to submit a question at anytime by contacting our technical experts JWEST@WELDINGCERTIFICATION.COM